A Dark Time...

This is the backstory of how the Blackwood Pack began. It was born out of tragedy but I’m so proud that in the end, we survived and even began to move forward with our lives. So my story starts in an ordinary way with no indication of what was to happen to us. It was the end of the school year and my brother Zane had driven down to help us pack up our stuff—a year’s worth of books, clothes, bedding, pictures and a multitude of trophies and souvenirs the six of us had collected. We spent two days laughing and joking while packing, and loading up the van. We’d leave the next morning and so on our last night, we hit the local gay club where we spent the night drinking, dancing and getting—or gi

History of the Dire Wolf Treasure

Jackson's post about the History of the Blackwood Pack will appear next. The story of the Dire Wolf Treasure begins a long time ago when a young Dire Wolf, Rannulf, was rejected by his father after his mother died giving birth to him. Distraught over the loss of his mate, his father could not bring himself to love his son—and blamed Rannulf for her death. Nannies were hired to take care of Rannulf as he grew up but his father’s harsh treatment of the them drove each to leave after a short period of time. None was there long enough to form a bond with young Rannulf and he never received the love he craved. As a child living in his father’s loveless house, Rannulf sought happiness elsewhere.

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