Meet Daniel Maximilian...

Meet our son, Daniel Maximilian Valentin, the newest member of the Blackwood Pack. Jackson and I are over the moon about his arrival and so glad to have all the drama behind us. I can't say Daniel resembles one of us more than the other but he certainly has Jackson's blue eyes that I fell in love with when I first saw my mate. So, let see, what can I tell you about Daniel? Oh, I know, he has a wonderful personality although he has an attitude at times. Right now, he loves closing his eyes and sticking his tongue out whenever he doesn't want to leave the person holding him. Jackson claims I taught him that, but, nope, that's all Daniel. He has learned to roll over and sit up. We have seen his

A Bedroom Redo...

Steel asked me to redesign their bedroom as a surprise for Jackson while they were away on their babymoon and I jumped at the chance. I knew my brother would never complain about the décor Steel had picked out before their mating but it wasn’t Jackson’s style. It was stark, modern and lacking the warmth he preferred. When I approach a design job for a client, I show them four different charts arranging colors into groups called Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Now some of you might be familiar with this concept as it has been used by women for years to determine the color of clothes that look the best on them. And if you aren’t familiar with this concept, take a look in your closet and you

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