Our Cousins...

You probably know I was contacted by our cousins on our mother side. At first I was worried about why they suddenly showed up after all these years but after Dylon’s research didn’t turn up anything suspicious, I decided to grant their request to visit the Blackwood Pack but that doesn’t mean all my doubts are gone. So while I’m still concerned, I’m also looking forward to seeing them—well, at least the ones I remember. The oldest is Hunter, 32, next is Mason, 30—Logan and I played with them a lot because they spent every summer with my family until they moved back east when their father became the new Alpha of the Rolling Hill Pack. Next are the twins, Sawyer and Sam, 26—they were 2 when

Bear Bug Ice Cream Recipe

Hi Everyone, Mary included Bear Bug Ice Cream in Shadow Voice, and my Alpha, Jackson, asked me to write about it and tell everyone how they can make it. So to begin with, what exactly is it? What’s the story behind it? And what makes it so special that Slate, my mate, prefers it more than any other dessert? Well, Bear Bug Ice Cream is a creamy, vanilla-honey ice cream liberally laced with pieces of dark chocolate that provide a nice counterbalance to the sweetness of the honey. It’s delicious and my mate loves to slather me with it and then lick it off—which, as you can imagine gives both of us a great deal of pleasure. As legend has it, Bear Bug Ice Cream was created by Artio, known also as

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