A Shopping Trip...

Remeber how shocked I was about how many clothes were needed for my pup but I’ve quickly learned Logan didn’t exaggerate when he gave me his list. I bought some of my baby’s outfits online but I also bought a lot when Steel took me to San Francisco for my babymoon. There are several good children clothing stores there but for online I highly recommend Etsy.com for their unique wolf onesies selection. I know—cue the laughter—but I can now tell you I’m intimately familiar with what they are. And no, Logan hasn’t let me forget about my ignorance and teases me regularly, but enough about my twin brother. Back to the baby clothes. When I was at the first store, the saleslady showed me a simple

Dakota’s “Perfect Every Time” Steak

Hi everyone, Dakota here. I love cooking, baking and everything in between. I started when I was young – mainly to find some peace from my overly competitive brothers who think everything is fair game for a bet. So I ended up in the kitchen with my mother and learned my love of cooking from her. When Jackson asked me to write a piece for the blog, I said “What the hell for? What would they want to know from me?” He pointed at me and said, “What do you think? “ I thought about it and then said, “Recipes? I could give some of my recipes?” My big brother just smiled and so here I am. Well, hmmm, which one…which one? And as I mulled over my many recipes, one jumped to the top of the list—steak.

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