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Our Cousins...

You probably know I was contacted by our cousins on our mother side. At first I was worried about why they suddenly showed up after all these years but after Dylon’s research didn’t turn up anything suspicious, I decided to grant their request to visit the Blackwood Pack but that doesn’t mean all my doubts are gone. So while I’m still concerned, I’m also looking forward to seeing them—well, at least the ones I remember.

The oldest is Hunter, 32, next is Mason, 30—Logan and I played with them a lot because they spent every summer with my family until they moved back east when their father became the new Alpha of the Rolling Hill Pack.

Next are the twins, Sawyer and Sam, 26—they were 2 when they moved—and probably played with Dakota who was 1 at the time. The last two cousins were born back east—Robin, 24 and Quinn, 22—and I never met them. Hell, I didn’t even know they had been born.

My memories are strongest about Hunter and Mason because I—correction—Logan and I tagged along with them every summer since I can remember. The last time we were together was the summer when I was five. For three months, wherever and whatever Hunter and Mason did, Logan and I did. It was a heady experience for a five year old kid as I got to spend every day with my hero, Hunter. Oh yes, I worshiped the ground my eight year old cousin walked on. As far as I was concerned, he could do no wrong and I remember fighting Mason one time when he challenged Hunter.

It was that summer—the last summer before my cousins moved— when I understood what being an Alpha meant and my future role in leading the Fox River Pack. I also realized Hunter was my equal and not my superior. So I spent the summer watching, studying and copying my cousin in everything he did from how he treated Mason and our younger siblings to his fearlessness and leadership in situations.

Then came the terrible day at the end of a magical summer when I found out he and his family were moving back to their father’s home pack, and I was devastated. I ran off into the woods and cried, unable to stop as I thought about the loss of my hero. Alone in the forest with the sun setting, yet I couldn’t go back where I would once again have to face the worst thing that had ever happened to me. Finally, I felt Hunter’s hand on my back, softly rubbing it, but saying nothing. I don’t know how he knew what to do but that simple act comforted me and I was able to dry my tears.

As I stood, he embraced me and whispered, “Jackie, I promise you, we will see each other again.”

How prophetic those words were although I never thought it would ever happen. So, now, even with all of my reservations, I looked forward to seeing Hunter and the rest of my cousins. Luckily, Dylon was able to find some pictures of them so at least when they show up, I won’t embarrass myself not knowing who’s who and so you’ll know them as I have included their pictures with this post.

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