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A Shopping Trip...

Remeber how shocked I was about how many clothes were needed for my pup but I’ve quickly learned Logan didn’t exaggerate when he gave me his list.

I bought some of my baby’s outfits online but I also bought a lot when Steel took me to San Francisco for my babymoon. There are several good children clothing stores there but for online I highly recommend for their unique wolf onesies selection.

I know—cue the laughter—but I can now tell you I’m intimately familiar with what they are. And no, Logan hasn’t let me forget about my ignorance and teases me regularly, but enough about my twin brother. Back to the baby clothes. When I was at the first store, the saleslady showed me a simple white onesie that said “Leader of the Pack.” My eyes lit up. Perfect for my pup who would have seven uncles and four grandparents

—Jimmy and Mystia and Steel’s parents, Maximus and Oracle—who would all be fighting to hold and feed him.

Then my hunt got serious. I explained to the salesladies in each of the three baby stores Steel took me to that I wanted wolf related onesies. Fuck! I never expected to see so many.

There are some that come with accessories like this one. This one has

little suede booties and wolf socks. Steel liked the saying —“Throw me to the Wolves and I will come back leading the pack.” He said no truer words were ever spoken about out pup. And then

there was the grey sweatpants outfit that included a hat and a long-sleeved shirt with the saying “Welcome to the Wolf Pack.”

So I bought and bought. Thankfully, Steel indulged my desire to have all of them. I also found sleepers with wolf feet and—oh, one of my favorites is a red long-sleeve onesie that said “I Love You to the Moon & Back.”

I also found some maternity shirts for me with different sayings such as “Keep Calm and Feed the Wolf Pup.”

As my pregnancy progressed, Steel found a shop on the web that would print custom maternity t-shirts I could wear and he came up with lots of funny sayings. I think my brothers got a kick each day seeing what the latest one said. Below are pictures of the onesies and baby outfits I bought. I really could not choose just one to show you cause they were all so perfect.


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