A Dark Time...Part 3

We needed a place to live…a place my uncle didn’t know about. Some place we could hide and grieve. Then it came to me. Jimmy. He told me repeatedly to call him if I ever needed anything. I stepped outside the van and reached out to the person who would become our lifeline. After hearing his instructions on where to meet him, I got back in and drove off into the night, listening to Zane crying on Logan’s shoulder. I was constantly worried about the wolves hunting us. Luckily, the highway was deserted and it gave me some degree of relief knowing I would easily be able to see any cars following. But that drive would be forever in my memory as I led my brothers to an unknown future. I had hours

A Dark Time...Part 2

By evening, I had met my goal, which was a good thing since Logan was tired of Blackjack. He wanted to see the Fountains of Bellagio and, to be honest, so did I. We made the 10 o’clock show and got right up close. When it started, I was speechless. It was mesmerizing as I listened to the music while watching the interplay between lights and water. I remember thinking how great it would be to see this with a mate. It was that romantic. We stayed for several shows and during one of them I heard my phone ring. I ignored it, thinking it was one of my brothers calling to see where we were. But it didn’t stop. As soon as it went to voice mail, it rang again. By the fourth time, I knew it must be i

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