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And so the story begins...

Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog and I was trying to figure out what would be most interesting to you about my world. And then it came to me—a lightning bolt hitting me in the middle of the night—yup, it happened just like that, or at least it seemed to me it did.

When I write my stories, my characters become very real to me. They tell me about their experiences and their dreams. I guess the best way for me to say it is that my men become three dimensional in my mind. But a lot of what they tell me doesn’t always end up in the book.

As an avid reader myself, I always want to know more about the characters I fall in love with. Since I’ve heard other readers express the same wishes, I decided to have my men share with you the things they’ve told me.

They have lots to share with you: insights into their feelings and issues, what they're doing, and their plans for the future. They'll also reveal some great backstory stuff that didn't make it into the book. And who knows? They may even take questions from you, the reader.

In the next post, Jackson will tell you the backstory how the Blackwood Pack came into existence. Subsequent posts will be mini stories by one or more of the characters you’ll find in my books.

I hope you enjoy reading about my men as much as I enjoy writing about them.

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